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The 687th Republic Explorations Unit: Special Operations Capable (REUSOC) is looking for a few good Men, Women, and members of all species. We seek to stem the tide of Sith influence throughout the galaxy by expanding the realm of the Republic.

We record, study, and explore newly discovered planets; As well as defending already established ones.

We seek Jedi Consulars for their wide knowledge of the universe at large and skill at recording new life forms.
We seek Jedi Knights for their ability to valiantly defend their comrades in battle.
We seek smugglers for their sharply honed flight skills.
We seek troopers for their ability to operate beyond the lines of the Republic with little or no hope for reinforcement.

We are structured in a similar manner to a Republic Army unit though in the recesses of space the chain of command is often less important than the respect you have for the person to your left or right.

If you are interested in exploring the secrets of the universe; or striking the Sith Empire where they won't be expecting it; The REUSOC is looking for you.


Full Health Benefits, Days off, Free travel, Free Room and Board, Steady Paycheck.


Q:What makes a successful member of the unit?

A:First off, we understand that real life is important and this is just a game. Secondly we're not huge fans of drama. Thirdly we love the star wars universe and/or roleplaying in general. The guild will not expect you to RP ALL THE THINGS (such as Gchat). But it is important to have a core personality for your character. Also it helps to have a sense of humor.

Q:What time requirement will this take?

A:Not a whole lot, a few hours per week is all we really ask. At times we will have special events which are optional, but all in all you will get out of this guild what you put into it.

Q:I noticed your name sounds vaguely military will this mean someone will be constantly telling me what to do?

A:Not exactly, in fact not really at all. We will aim for a paramilitary setup within the guild with ranks for those who want them, but the overall most important aspect is that we're all having fun and exploring The Old Republic together.

Q:Is there an age requirement?

A:Yes, you must be at least 17 to apply. This does not mean however that if you are 17 or older you are automatically accepted. We are looking for mature RPers who understand the difference between things like, oh I dunno, say... a game and real life?

Q:What kind of things are not tolerated in the guild?

A: Discrimination of any kind, (the
REUSOC is an equal opportunity employer ) Drama Queens/Kings (Let's keep the drama in character), Bad mouthing other guilds or guild members, posting inappropriate materials in the guild forums (NSFW or otherwise socially unacceptable materials), mocking others for RPing (obviously). Other than that it's pretty much hands off.

Q: What player class is the REUSOC looking for?

A: We're looking for all republic side classes. As stated in the Ad we need Consulars to act as diplomats and scientists, Knights to be diplomats and front line warriors, Troopers to be front line warriors and recon, and Smugglers to be recon and transport.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Simply click the fancy
" Join 687th REUSOC" button!

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kairiikat, Jul 22, 11 10:41 PM.
As you can see our unit website is up and running!
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